If you are able to read a book and follow simple instructions than you can be hypnotized but only if you want to be.

Simply, anyone with reasonable intelligence can be hypnotized. The only people who may not be able to be hypnotized are people with severe mental disability and children under the age of five. In both cases it's because they may not understand the words that are being said or unable to follow instructions.
No, you will be in a deep state of relaxation and in complete control at all times. You are actually in a state of what is called hypersensitivity and all of your senses are enhanced including your sight, hearing, taste, smell, emotions. It is close to a state of day dreaming and relaxing.
No, you will not do anything that you do not think is acceptable or against your nature. You will either reject the suggestion or come out of hypnosis. You are in complete control at all times.
Yes, usually from about the age of six, provided they could understand what is being said and follow instructions, children can benefit from hypnosis to enhance sport performance, increase focus and reduce anxiety.
This is the part of your mind that has to figure things out with its limited abilities and is about 5% of your mind. The conscious mind is our short-term memory, it is logical, analyzes things, a creature of habit, is self-aware and the decision maker. It is the part of the mind which questions our abilities.
The subconscious mind is our long-term memory and is about 95% of our mind. It is capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously, it does not judge, criticize, analyze or reject. Once something becomes familiar, it becomes part of the subconscious mind...for example riding a bicycle/motorcycle, driving a car with manual transmission.
Mr. Koca is a certified clinical hypnotherapist (CHT) through the American International Association and the American School of Hypnosis.

In addition to CHT, he also has a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Engineering and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. Throughout his education and professional career, he developed interest on how the brain works and overcome obstacles. His fascination with how the brain works lead him into helping people through hypnotherapy.
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